Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve- A new year and a new decade

Well friends, I thought as long as I was FBing I should also bit of a blog.

This coming year holds a lot in store for it, and for me.

I am hoping to expand the nursery, build another set of greenhouses, open to the public and get a shop/lecture center open at the site as well. I also plan on building a new home (out of old things) and be moved into so this time next year I can fill it with friends during the holidays. I have done many things in preparation for this. Hoarding tile, doors, fixtures, lighting, old door knobs, new electrical switches and outlets, so many things not to mention households full of furniture. The house has to come to fruition.

Other plans are building a new garden on my 2.5 acre that passion can also be expressed. I have my alle' trees in, have been fortifying the soil as well as some earthcavation.

Some of the items on here will be plants, my dogs, friends (and they just have to deal if their face shows up here,) gardens, and gardening, adventures, construction, as well as treasures. Books, movies, food, and the occasional ebay item may also appear as well as a strong smattering of my personal oppinion.

Hoping you the very best of new years.