Sunday, January 17, 2010

OH, I can't stay away from them

Lush leaved and responding so well to our hot summers. I just cant water them enough and adding the extra manure around them sure seems to help.
Cannas are not for the demure gardener. They are bold and sometimes flashy with leaves that I would classify under HUGE and LUSH. The flowers sometimes range in the smaller side but there are those that are large and frilly.
With a tendency to like those with colored leaves myself, I take pride in having them in containers. Smokey or striped, amber, plum, or chartreuse just love to see them grow.

Plant your cannas in hot spot. Here we have to dig them every fall as we freeze rather hard being zone 5b. It is like trying to shuck clams though when you plant them in containers. They fill the container in a season and then hold firm. Having to hack and pry them out more than once is enough to discourage the timid gardener, but be brave.

Canna 'Intrigue' Lovely leaved smoked purple to perfection. Apricot orange flowers add so much, Both are colors of copper to me and really set a mood.

Canna Australia Mahogany leaves with hot red flowers make people stop and turn their heads. Good height and the color is always strong.

Canna Bengal Tiger You see this one under trademark names now. Its a shame about that...but also a completely different subject.

Canna Phaison (Tropicanna)Hey, this canna looks so familiar. I know the look, but I it's not the same, or maybe it is? Debates amongst gardeners continue. 'Tropicanna' says it's not the same, but are we going to have to call in a big gun to find out?

Canna Pink Dawn Looks sort of like a mini 'Tropicanna' but the flowers sure do set it apart. Great for containers. Personally I like this variety in front of Australia.

Canna Tropicanna Have I said anything about this one yet? Does it need repeating?

I have a few others but I don't have enough of them to sell as of yet.

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